PaperShip lets you view, annotate, and edit your PDFs using third-party apps (such as iAnnotate, GoodReader, PDF Expert , etc), then saves them back to your Mendeley/Zotero library.

Note: this feature requires the “PDF Annotations Pack”, available as an in-app purchase (learn more about the annotations features).

  1. Tap on the Annotations button
  2. Tap on the Export button from the Annotations toolbar
  3. Select a third-party app (“Copy to...”)

You can then manipulate the PDF from the third-party app you selected. 

Once you are done, you need to find the corresponding “Open in...” or “Copy to...” feature to export the PDF back to PaperShip.

If PaperShip correctly recognizes the updated PDF file, it will let you choose between creating a new document, or updating the one that already exists in your library. 

Choose “Update Existing File”, and your PDF is now updated and ready to be synchronized with your Mendeley/Zotero library.