PaperShip is an iPad & iPhone application designed to give you access to your Mendeley / Zotero library on-the-go. 

You will enjoy to annotate your PDFs with highlights, notes, free text, drawings and much more!

The most powerful annotation types for your papers! 

  • Highlights and text decoration (underline, strikethrough...)
  • Notes
  • Free text
  • Hand drawing and hand writing
  • Shapes (rectangle, oval...)
  • Stamps
  • Images
  • Audio recordings,
  • and more... 

Note: PaperShip requires a Zotero or Mendeley account. 

READ | Get access to your entire library on your mobile devices. Our build-in PDF reader is the greatest way to find and look at your latest literature. But we also support a lot of other types: image, document, spreadsheet, text, webpage... You will take advantage of the iPad and iPhone Retina screens and never need to print your publications anymore. 

ANNOTATE | PaperShip comes free with an highlight tool to emphasize interesting results. In addition to text highlighting, we provide you with a lot of new annotation types which go far beyond most of the reference managers (available through In-App Purchase). And as our tools are compliant with the PDF standard, your annotations will be available in most of the other readers. 

METADATA | PaperShip allows you to read and edit article's metadata. You can now add tags, update title or change authors in an easy way whatever the type of document you are reading. 

IMPACT | PaperShip is the first reference manager to link your articles to the new almetric data! Just know in real time what are the impacts of your publications inside the scientific community. 

MANAGE | PaperShip keeps your articles organized based on your Mendeley/Zotero folders. Add a paper to your favorites or move it to another folder by using an incredible pane and swipe navigation. Your articles will always stay at your fingertips with the search engine. 

IMPORT | Just import a new paper by tapping some keywords or looking at author name and PaperShip will bring it to your library. By selecting the Open Access option, you will be able to download automatically the linked PDF for free. 

SYNC | Always stay up to date between your mobile library and your desktop application. Once you add or annotate a PDF, it will wirelessly be saved on the Mendeley/Zotero platform to be available on all of your devices. 

SHARE | You have found a new incredible article? Just share it with colleagues by email or on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and bring reference managers to the science 2.0 step. 

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