Note: PaperShip requires a Zotero or Mendeley account. 

Once you’ve installed PaperShip on your device, you can open the application and log in with your Zotero or Mendeley credentials.

We also give you access to the signup page for both platforms.

The app will present a Zotero/Mendeley login page to enter your email and password.

With Zotero, there is an additional page where you need to confirm granting access to the app.

Afterwards, we will automatically synchronize your library documents.

If you tap on “Download”, all your documents will be downloaded onto your device.

Please note that this might take a while and use a lot of disk space if you have a large amount of documents.

If you tap on “Later”, you can always download the documents individually when navigating in the application, or enable this option later from the Settings screen.