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EBSCOhost articles in Papership App

Articles that I have in my Zotero collection synced to PaperShip pulled from a EBSCOhost database without a fulltext attachment include a EBSCO Record that links back to the record in EBSCO using their permalink. This link works fine on in Zotero itself, but in the Papership app I am getting a error message titled "Error in HttpHandler. To begin a new session, please login again." When I try to log back in, I go to the EBSCO landing page. I have attached a screenshot to show the problem.

A person in the Zotero forums wrote: It sounds like an issue with how Papership is processing the URL. Unfortunately, only Papership would be able to fix such an issue.

As well as asking this issue to be resolved with PaperShip, are there other possible work arounds?

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