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Some minor errors

First of all,

Thank you for a superb app! I have experienced some small bugs/minor things that I think could be improved:


1. Sometimes nothing happen when I want to look up a word with the build in software. When I mark a word and try and look it up, there is no reaction from the app other than the menu, which appears when I mark the word, disappears when I hit "define".

2. Sometimes nothing happen when I want to mark text with the build-in annotation app, but instead of selecting the text I get the tool menu, even though I hit the text with my finger/pencil. (See screenshot: IMG_0037.PNG)

3. This is perhaps more of a suggestion: When I want to insert plain text using the build-in annotation, as soon as I start to write, the page moves, so the text I'm writing is suddenly at the bottom of the screen. Can this be avoided? (See screenshot: IMG_0035.PNG (before I type) and IMG_0034.PNG (as I've started typing=)

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