PaperShip 3.7 for iOS is available

PaperShip 3.7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is now available on the App Store:

  • Added iPad multitasking support (Slide Over and Split View)
  • Updated PDF engine
  • Adjusted PDF speech synthesizer speed
  • Fixed PDF rendering bug with Chinese characters
  • New requires iOS 8 or newer

PaperShip iOS 3.7.1

  • Add contextual Share menu item to PDF text selections
  • Update to PDF engine
  • Fix PDF annotations selection inconsistencies

PaperShip iOS 3.7.2

  • Change PDF notes annotations font
  • Fix view/edit journal from info screen for Zotero documents

PaperShip iOS 3.7.3

  • Fix scrolling with Zotero bookmarklet importer
  • Fix presenting documents with partially missing files
  • Disable scroll to top for PDF

PaperShip iOS 3.7.4

  • Ability to update document info from DOI
  • Editable DOI/ISSN/arXiv ID/Citation Key for Mendeley Journal Articles
  • Editable ISSN for Zotero Journal Articles
  • Updated PDF engine
  • Fix crash with login screen

Thank you for this excellent application. 

There is, however, an issue with the latest update. Annotation has become slow (increased latency between selecting text and annotation) and unreliable (application crashes without having saved previous work). Never had this kind of issues before. I deleted and reinstalled the application, I restarted my iPad and I even deleted and downloaded from the beginning my zotero database but the problem persists. 

System configuration:

Device model: iPad
System name: iPhone OS
System version: 9.2.1
PaperShip version: 3.7 (142)
API platform: Zotero
Zotero File Storage

Thank you

Hello Manos, and thank you for your feedback.

We are aware of some issues with the latest version, in particular with PDF annotations, and have already prepared a new update to fix these problems that should soon be available on the App Store. About those crashes, please send us any piece of information that could help us reproduce and identify the problem.

PaperShip 3.7.1 is now available, and should address most issues with PDF annotations introduced by the previous version.

Hello Vincent, and thank you for your messages. 

Just updated to the newest version and it seems like annotation issues have been resolved. No crashes so far. Happy, productive user again!

Thank you very much.