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iPad Pro and Pencil

Does anyone know if PaperShip works with the Apple Pencil?


This times 1,000%. Really great product, just needs proper support for Apple Pencil. Touching the PDF with pencil should active drawing. Should be an option to turn off finger drawing when using pencil. See MS Word for iPad for how to do this right.

Yes, you can use the Apple Pencil to interact with PaperShip. For instance, it’s great to add drawings annotations to your PDFs.


Completely agree. Papership should do this just the way apps like PDF Expert do it - if you use the pencil once after tapping the draw button, finger drawing is inactivated.

It would be very nice if there could be an option, for users with the Apple Pencil, to disable drawing with your finger. So you if you have chosen either the marker or the pen, you can use your finger to swipe pages and your Pencil to draw, without deactivating the marker or pen.

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