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Multitasking on iPad (Slide Over and Split View)

I know this feature just came out on iOS 9 and it might be difficult to implement immediately (and not many devices support it). However, it would be extremely productive to be able to use Papership alongside a Word or Pages app in split view or even in a swipe over view. We could read and copy material from Papership into our documents. I wondered if there were any thoughts on implementing this eventually or if it would be difficult to do. I use Papership significantly on my iPad and this would make it even more useful. I understand that this feature might not be worth trying to do immediately, but I thought I might throw it out there. Thank you again for making an app such as Papership that helps my research.

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Thank you for the suggestion. We would love to offer these features too. 

In our case, these changes would make the app incompatible with iOS 7. Right now, we still want to support these older devices, but we are looking forward to upgrading the app for iPad multitasking soon enough.

We’re very happy to announce that the latest PaperShip version now supports iPad Multitasking, with both Slide Over and Split View.

See release notes:

You guys are awesome. I'm very happy to have this feature on PaperShip. Thank you!

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