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Force Sync an entry and its attachment

It seems I regularly have this happen: I finish annotating a book, I pull down the list to sync Papership with Box, but the item I just finished annotating doesn't sync (usually some other previous article or book I have been working on syncs instead).

I can see what files are being synced through the Box website recent activity, and its sometimes not the current file I'm working on.

Would it be possible to have an option under the "More" menu (when sliding an entry left) to 'Force Sync' that particular entry and its attachment? I feel like this is an ongoing issue for me, so I spend 30 mins to an hour trying to figure out how to get that file to sync with Box. Ultimately, I often end up downloading it another way then reupload it to Box and clear Papership's cache, but I would prefer just to have a manual override when the sync doesn't appear to be working.

Thanks! I use Papership a lot and I recommend it to as many people as I can!

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