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Dropping a file on an item in document list is broken

There are several things broken with dragging and dropping a file on a document in the list:

- When I drop the file, the item in the list redrawn as blank, though it is redrawn correctly when I select another document. As soon as I select the first document again, it gets redrawn as blank; this is very annoying.

- The upload correctly happens (I use Mendeley) after I drop the file, but I have to deselect the document and reselect it to see the file instead of the Mendeley page for the reference. It does not help that as soon as the upload finishes the app syncs with Mendeley, then resorts the document list (I sort by modification date), losing my place in the list.

These UI nits are small by themselves by together they make a simple feature clunky. 

Of course, associating a file with a document reference should be a lot smoother in the first place; ideally as soon as I click on a PDF from a web page opened inside the app it should ask me if I want to add that file to the document.

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