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Lock side to side in PDF scrolling, a la iAnnotate

iAnnotate has a nice feature that freezes the inadvertent scrolling as you move to different pages.  This allows you to zoom in on the text to get rid of the white margins (and maximize text size for old eyes).  But then when I scroll, it would be nice to keep that zoom centered, at least as an option.  Thus, since the scroll on my iPad in PaperShip is vertical between pages, the relevant 'lock" would be locking in place the side to side/horizontal scrolling.  

This is perhaps hard to explain, but is something i use in iAnnotate routinely.

(I think the scroll function in the OS might have a bit of something like this built in that PaperShip isn't capturing too.  If the main direction of a swipe is vertical, sometimes  iOS seems to ignore any minor inadvertent diagonals...  I'm not sure that is the case (that it is built in, in iOS) but I think it it.  That would be an alternate to a "lock" button like iAnnotate has...)

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Dear Dr. Womey,

We use an external library to manage PDF reader/annotations in PaperShip.

So as we don't develop this part ourself (iAnnotate is a 15 people team, we're just 2!) we can just add features developed by our partner. Hope it would be one day the case for your feature request!

Best regards,

Julien Therier, Ph.D.


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