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Add handwritten annotation note

I think it would be nice to be able to add an expandable, hand-written note. Currently the only option for in-document notes uses the keyboard for input. Being able to add a written, expandable note would allow you to add equations or quick drawings/graphs to the document while still preserving the margin space and clean look of the original document.

Dear Dr. Dwelle,

You can use the drawings tool to handwrite some notes in PaperShip.

Best regards,

Julien Therier, Ph.D.


Hello, I actually had a similar request. While it is tru that you can use the drawings tool to write a note, it is rather cluncky. When trying to write small it is almost imposible to write legible text. I read scientific papers on your app and the main reason use it is because I can use a stylus and the drwings tool to underline, circle and make boxes. I love it! However it would be better if the line was a bit thiner at the 1px size and if handwriting text was improved. I tried to use the signature tool to get around it, but it didn't help that much. The text was easyer to write be not realy legible on the PDF. I use an ApexII stylus and it works fantasticaly in GoodNotes. I don't have a lot of experience with other note taking apps and I am not sure if this would be posible when overlaying text on a PDF, but a simillar interface would be fantastic. I hope this sugestion/request may be of help.

We’ve improved the freehand drawing annotations in the latest update (v3.3). Feel free to try it again to see if this is more convenient to write small text, for instance.

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