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iCloud Drive support

It would be great to be able to access Zotero files/PDFs that are stored in iCloud Drive. With the recent release of iOS 8, iCloud has made it really easy to access PDFs on an iPad without having to store them all on the iPad.

For example, I have my Zotero storage for attachments put automatically put all articles in an iCloud drive folder called "Articles." (Creative, right?) Then when I'm on my iPad I can use PDF Expert to just open one, and any changes are automatically synced back. All without having to save all of my research articles (several hundred at this point) on my limited-space iPad drive.

Right now I'm using PDF Expert for annotations, and Papership to find things in Zotero. It'd be great if Papership could pull up the iCloud files directly, allowing me to ditch PDF Expert.

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Dear Dr. Jandry,

Zotero officially supports two kind of PDF storage for 3rd party developers like us: Zotero File Storage or WebDAV server.

Even if technically feasible, allowing a link between a reference and a PDF stored in iCloud (or Dropbox, etc...) could bring a lot of issues like PDF duplications, etc.

So the best would be to allow PaperShip to sync Library on top of iCloud/Dropbox entirely (like Papers, without need of Zotero at all) but it's another app we would need to develop ;)

Best regards,

Julien Therier, Ph.D.


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