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Export citations?

Are there any plan to export citations in various formats? Most important to me being BibTeX. 

Otherwise, best app to browse, search and read on Mac and iPad. Keep up the good work!

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Dear Dr. Bourhis,

We would love to work on Cite as you Write features (including citation export) but we lack the resources to do so right now.

Hope to have more time/money in future to expand PaperShip features in this way.

Would it be possible to have a "Copy citation" feature as a stopgap solution? Papership can already format the citation, as evidenced if one shares a paper via email; it would be nice to be able to copy this text to the clipboard. 

I greatly enjoy using Papership as a Zotero reading and annotating client. Here's hoping it expands that same style into a full reference manager! ;-)

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As a matter of fact, you can already copy a paper citation to the clipboard.

  • On the Mac, clic on a document in the main list, then hit ⌘C.
  • On the iPhone/iPad, use the “Share” dialog, and select “Copy”.

No format customization just yet, but we hope you’ll find it useful.

I agree with the request of both.... 

if we try to send a Share by Email... we can read the email integrate the citation as a first thing....

so it would be really nice to just have a "Copy Citation" button that just take the same thing used in the email as citation....

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