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Floating text editor to make reading notes

Dear all, I'd like to propose to introduce kind of a floating text editor which one can use to make notes while reading the texts. It would be good if one could collapse that editor so it doesn't get annoying in case one doesn't need it. And it would be awesome if you could introduce something like that it automatically recognises on which page you are (page of the paper or book (so, if a paper ranges from pages 230 to 240 in a journal and you are on 'page 5' of that document, that would actually be page 235) and automatically format the text editor in that it states which page you were on while noting something. E.g.: 235: Bla boa bla ethnic diversity.... 237: Black people in Africa, look up 'racism' know what I mean? Cheers, Fabian
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Dear Dr. Wa,

If you select some text in PaperShip, you'll have access to a contextual menu with such kind (not so rich) features.

Best regards,

Julien Therier, Ph.D.


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