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Is there a way to clear all local cache?

 Would you consider adding a feature for me to clear all of my local cache, rather than have to delete the local cache of each individual file? I tend to move through a lot of documents on my iPad, but I don't want them taking up space if I'm not currently using them. Thanks!

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If you sign out, then log back in, and finally select not to download automatically the files at launch, you effectively get the same results.

My Zotero has ~500 articles on it, and the number will only grow in upcoming years. Signing out removes all them. At login, it downloads everything again. 

I would really appreciate just a button that says "Delete all downloaded files".


I wish to second this request (ok third actually)! I also would like to request you consider the following in a future release to facilitate file management for those of us who do NOT have always download files turned on: A) option in settings to specify max amount of local storage available for cache (then presumably the oldest files would be deleted to make room for new ones) B) ability to download all files on a collection by collection basis - typically I want to view files that I most recently added to Zotero (for example in my inbox or a specific collection)
BUMP! Will you please comment on timeline, if any, for implementation of a feature like this? The workaround of signing out and signing back in (to both my Zotero and box accounts) is inelegant at best, and a slow and painful process at worst (over a slow internet connection).

We plan on having experimental support for this feature in the next release. It should be available on the App Store in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your interest and patience.

Is this still on your radar for a future release?  

We’re happy to announce that you can now find a Local Storage Manager in the app Settings. It displays the local cache size, and lets you delete this cache to free up space.

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