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Mac App features

While I understand that papership focusses on usability rather than feature overload, I would like to suggest a few smaller and bigger features and hear your position on whether you plan to implement them in the (near) future or not:

1 - Two pages view in the pdf reader - Makes it much easier to quickly scroll through a paper

2 - being able to hide the toolbar in the (fullscreen) pdf reader - also helps with reading while scrolling less

3 - being able to select multiple papers and move them to a folder - helps organising the papers

4 - better support for tags - While Folders work as well, I would love to be able to export my "file system" into bibtex, and the folder structure doesn't show in bibtex, whereas tags do

5 - smart folders - these are already in zotero but don't show in papership

6 - I am using the zotquery Workflow in Alfred to quickly search for papers in my zotero library from the desktop. Is it theoretically possible to open the references in papership rather than the zotero app by changing the Alfred workflow a little bit?

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Still a lot of items in this list, but the first one is now implemented: right-click inside a PDF to switch between “Single Page” and “Two Pages” modes.

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