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Collapse collection folders?

I have lots of collections and sub collections, and the ones I want to work with are toward the bottom of this long list. Can I collapse the collections (in Papership for iPad) so the subcollections don't show in that list on the left side?

Most of PaperShip user have less than 10 folders.

So unfortunately we didn't develop feature to collapse folders.

I would like to advocate to add this feature. I have hundreds of folders and subfolders, and not having a collapse feature is becoming more and more problematic each time I expand my collection.



We're working on this feature. Any beta-tester would be appreciated ;)

PaperShip 3.2 is now available:

We added the collapse collection feature in it: just swipe to the left a folder and you'll be able to collapse/expand it.

We hope you will really do appreciate the effort we put in it and you will promote the app to your colleagues as well.

Also, don't forget to give us feedback.

Thanks very much for adding this feature! I just updated to the latest version and I was not able to activate this feature. Is it necessary to update to the latest iOS version first?


I see that it is only in iOS 8.

One suggestion I have is to preserve the expanded/collapsed state of all the folders after closing the app. Is this possible? Currently I have to re-collapse all my folders on each start.

I'm still getting use to the swipe-press sequence to expand/collapse folders. Might I suggest an alternative that could be easier and faster to use: press folder icon to expand/collapse, press label to open?

I know this would have been potentially more useful at the point when you asked for beta testers but I just noticed this recently so I wasn't able to help with that.


Hi Calvin,

The last version of PaperShip should now save the state of the collapsed/expanded folders.

As usual, if you enjoy this feature, please add a review on the AppStore as it helps us a lot:



Hi, Julien

I can't find this function with ver. 3.4 at iPad. I really wanted this function, but now I can't fold the my library at all, just fully unfolded. 


You should be able to swipe (swiping to the left) on folders, and see a “Collapse/Expand” button. Of course, this button is only available for folders actually containing subfolders.

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