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Current page changes between window and full-screen view

I asked for support a while back on this issue, but I wanted to bring it up again to see if anyone has a workaround or helpful tip.

In larger pdf files when I switch between the window view on my iPad and the fullscreen view, the current page changes. Usually, the page steps backward when going from window to fullscreen (or forward in the pdf when going the other way: fullscreen to window). 

While this isn't critical, it is extremely inconvenient when I am close to finishing a longer pdf file in fullscreen (because when I switch back to window, it move the current page ahead, sometimes to the end of the pdf, essentially losing my current place). Does anyone have any workarounds or helpful hints to try?

Unfortunately hiding the master list on the left side is not a native feature on iOS.

We use a trick to show fullscreen PDF, but it looks like it's not perfect. We hope we will be able to improve that in the next versions of iOS.

No worries then. I figured it was some programming limitation from the way you was described the problem before.

One helpful thing: when I have it in fullscreen, then shut the app down and return, the window shows the correct current page. So, I don't lose my place in fullscreen when I close the app.

Thanks for a very helpful and useful app!

I do want to share a workaround to this. 

If I first click on the button to see multiple pages at once (the button with the four boxes to give an overview of the pages), then click fullscreen but the screen stays with the page range I was currently on. Then I click on the original page I was reading.

This way I don't have to scroll a ton and it doesn't switch the page I'm reading. I have photos to show the steps.

Fingers crossed that iOS 8 might provide better flexibility for Papership with this little annoyance. 

(619 KB)
I've noticed that in the last update, this issue appears to be completely fixed! Thank you! The window switches seamlessly between window and full screen mode without losing the page placement.
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