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Select collections to sync & few more ideas

Good job so far!

1. I use Zotero with a lot of different collections related to different projects. (lot of GB's) On trip I often work only on a few topics / papers. Would be very handy to select the collections I would like to work with & to sync - on every devices.

2. I also have independent notes on Zotero. They don't sync!

3. When I read a note, I don't need to have my iPhone keyboard. It would be very convenient to switch the keyboard's view on the note mode.

4. A way to export citation on the go would be great!! I like to go and write juste with my iPad / iPhone and an external keyboard.

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Thanks for the feedback.

1. We’ve considered having Folder-specific settings, but that potentially makes things complicated and confusing. We’ll keep looking for a nice solution to this problem.

2. PaperShip is centered around documents, therefore it doesn’t make much sense to integrate standalone notes in our interface. We’ll need to find a satisfying workaround, for instance treating standalone notes as documents.

3. It would be nice, indeed. Noted!

4. You can generate a basic citation by selecting a document, use the “Share” button, and select “Copy”. But this feature only gets really useful if PaperShip could manage standard citation styles (CSL). It’s more ambitious, but that’s on our roadmap.

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