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Collapse/Expand the library

My library has two or three levels of organization.  Please add the ability to collapse portions of the tree to make navigation easier.

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Unfortunately most of PaperShip users have less than 10 folders in their library.

So we do not plan to add this feature in a near future.

I'd advocate for this feature as well


Shazino sends word that this feature is 'in progress' as of 9/25/14!  Thanks, Shaz.

PaperShip 3.2 is now available:

- Optimized for iOS 8

- Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

- Collapse/Expand Folders

We hope you will appreciate the effort we put in it and you help promote the app to your colleagues as well.

Also, feel free to send us feedback.

-- PaperShip team

Fantastic!!! Thanks very much, I can't wait to try it! /dave
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