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Groups integration

Without integration for groups, the utility of the aplicacion is limited. It is a "must have".... Today the research activity is collaborative and we use Zotero for this feature.... This beautiful app can not compite with Zotero native App without this characteristics.... All our research is inside the groups option... so... we can not sync the library groups inside papership....

we have purchased versions of iOS and Mac OS, but can not give them useful.

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Starting with version 3.1, PaperShip now synchronizes all your groups (public and private), and lets you browse the documents metadata and files when available. 

This feature is read-only for now, so you won’t be able to edit the metadata or annotate the files. We hope this can still be very useful to read shared articles. 

Please let us know if you have any specific requests for groups, and thank you for your patience.

Yes !!!! Thank you.... I have tested this new feature.. in OsX and iOs... groups appear at synchronize with all pdfs ...

 For now it is "read-only".... Are you implementing "edit" function (Metadata, edit pdf, import new citations)?

Right now, we’re still waiting for feedback regarding Groups to make a decision about future updates, so keep it coming.

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Even just adding the ability to view groups folders would be a very useful addition.

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Just to clarify the situation, groups documents are now viewable and editable (both PDF annotations and document metadata).

We hope these features will make PaperShip even more useful for collaboration and shared work.

The folder functionality for shared groups is essential to my work - without being able to further categorize items in shared groups I won't make the switch from Zotpad, even though I like the annotation option a lot. Anything you could do about this soon? Thanks.

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