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Multiple notes per item

I'm using PaperShip iPad with Zotero.

It seems that I can only edit one note for each item, even if a library item has many notes.

Please include the feature to access several notes for each library item.



9 people like this idea also improved a lot their website. You can now use their web app rather than PaperShip or Zotpad to edit multiple notes on your iPad/iPhone.

Oh No :( I can't believe that I have paid $10 just for annotation functionality. What I actually was looking for was Being able to use Notes, create them and edit Existing Standing alone one. Hope very much that I will see this functionality as soon as possible. Guys you already have done a great job! As I see from upper comments, many admire that. However simply rejecting the suggestions of many of your customers who kindly ask you to add NOTES function, is not a good strategy if you wish to grow. Hope you will come to understanding.
Just want to reiterate the urgent need for this app to support editing multiple notes/attachments per item. I regrettably paid for the annotation functionality which is entirely useless to me if the app doesn't support multiple notes. Absolutely cannot recommend this as a solution to anyone until this basic functionality is integrated. Thanks.


I find it ironic that this is the only feature request you've marked as 'Not Taken', but this is the feature request that has received the most votes from your user base. On top of that, because you've marked it as 'Not Taken', it seems that users can no longer vote for it (who knows how many votes it might have received, otherwise?)

On what basis do you determine whether or not your users would use a particular feature—gut feeling? It's difficult not to assume that this is the case. You have a system in place for letting your users know what they need/want the most, but what they seem to tell you they need the most is the one thing you've told them, "We don't think you need this." What gives?

As an independent developer, I have a deep respect for the work you've done on PaperShip. Thank you. However, I'd like to ask for a little transparency on your end. If the problem here is, for instance, that you just don't have time to do it, then just come out and say it. But, don't tell us that we don't need it when the evidence from your own feature request system clearly shows otherwise—this feature has received twice as many votes as any other feature request you've implemented, in fact.

I was incorrect in my previous comment—one can, in fact, still vote for 'Not Taken' feature requests.

I just saw the teams pointer to the web interface. Is it at least possible to just list the amount of available attachments and notes and provide the link to view the entry in the synced account´s web interface? Should not be too difficult to just get the list items count from the Zotero API instead of loading their content in memory over the web. I just filed in an issue ticket related to a fundamental failure of Papership to deal with unaccessible (but not actually broken) attachments / notes. Easy to tackle for a programmer, but only if you are aware of them. I consider this as a design bug of Papership.
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