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Multiple notes per item

I'm using PaperShip iPad with Zotero.

It seems that I can only edit one note for each item, even if a library item has many notes.

Please include the feature to access several notes for each library item.



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I just saw the teams pointer to the web interface. Is it at least possible to just list the amount of available attachments and notes and provide the link to view the entry in the synced account´s web interface? Should not be too difficult to just get the list items count from the Zotero API instead of loading their content in memory over the web. I just filed in an issue ticket related to a fundamental failure of Papership to deal with unaccessible (but not actually broken) attachments / notes. Easy to tackle for a programmer, but only if you are aware of them. I consider this as a design bug of Papership.

I was incorrect in my previous comment—one can, in fact, still vote for 'Not Taken' feature requests.

I find it ironic that this is the only feature request you've marked as 'Not Taken', but this is the feature request that has received the most votes from your user base. On top of that, because you've marked it as 'Not Taken', it seems that users can no longer vote for it (who knows how many votes it might have received, otherwise?)

On what basis do you determine whether or not your users would use a particular feature—gut feeling? It's difficult not to assume that this is the case. You have a system in place for letting your users know what they need/want the most, but what they seem to tell you they need the most is the one thing you've told them, "We don't think you need this." What gives?

As an independent developer, I have a deep respect for the work you've done on PaperShip. Thank you. However, I'd like to ask for a little transparency on your end. If the problem here is, for instance, that you just don't have time to do it, then just come out and say it. But, don't tell us that we don't need it when the evidence from your own feature request system clearly shows otherwise—this feature has received twice as many votes as any other feature request you've implemented, in fact.

Just want to reiterate the urgent need for this app to support editing multiple notes/attachments per item. I regrettably paid for the annotation functionality which is entirely useless to me if the app doesn't support multiple notes. Absolutely cannot recommend this as a solution to anyone until this basic functionality is integrated. Thanks.


Oh No :( I can't believe that I have paid $10 just for annotation functionality. What I actually was looking for was Being able to use Notes, create them and edit Existing Standing alone one. Hope very much that I will see this functionality as soon as possible. Guys you already have done a great job! As I see from upper comments, many admire that. However simply rejecting the suggestions of many of your customers who kindly ask you to add NOTES function, is not a good strategy if you wish to grow. Hope you will come to understanding. also improved a lot their website. You can now use their web app rather than PaperShip or Zotpad to edit multiple notes on your iPad/iPhone.

Gosh! Glad I didn't pay any money for the PDF addon thing - I assumed I had to pay extra to access my Zotero Notes and been searching like mad for them! Thank you for recommending ZotPad - off to install that now and uninstall this Papership thing (which I really liked until I realised the Notes weren't going to work).
Like these other researchers, I use the Zotero Notes feature extensively to both note articles but also to leave myself notes and reminders and progress reports. I have a full system going and NEED the Zotero Notes features - not just one (Why did "Chapter 5" note come up out of 14 Notes for one of my articles? Random and completely unhelpful).  Please get this sorted out and then email me. I'm also happy to pay for Papership if it has full Zotero connection functionality.
Best wishes Annie


Here is a mediocre workaround: the web interface meanwhile allows to add and edit multiple notes per item in the Safari app. 

If you use storage to sync your files you can also download your PDFs from your online library.

Given the very responsive support at I found it worthwhile to pay for a large storage plan to support their development and hope that their online library interface continues to improve.

I found the responses here not very encouraging and got rid of PaperShip fairly quickly. Nice app, just not for me. 

Best wishes,


If money is such a barrier to development, why not charge 99 cents for the basic app? Surely that won't be a big barrier for most users and it will give you funds to continue improvement and keep users happy. Clearly there's a market for a zotero iOS app since the Zotero people aren't making one. PS I agree that if zotero supports multiple notes, then Papership should too instead of telling Zotero users that they're doing it wrong.

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Julian and Vincent,

Papership is brilliant! It is such a fantastic improvement and the fulfillment of a promise for what can be achieved with intelligent design. 

This makes it all the more puzzling that you do not see the fundamental necessity of more than one note per source. Actually, this is the whole point. 

I will not insist on a refund because I respect and admire your excellent work. But I will delete Papership from my iPhone to conserve storage space. 

If Papership ever moves on and adds multiple notes per source to its functionality, I will be back in a heart beat. 

Thank you for your excellent work and Good Luck!


Why do you believe one note per document is "better" than unlimited notes per document? Admittedly, it's easier to implement. It's hard for me to imagine why it might be better. I would humbly suggest you support the basic functionality of the references managers with which your program interacts.

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I've never said ZotPad does not have this feature, I've said the app is not maintained anymore.

But if ZotPad works well for you, I don't see the point to use another software like PaperShip.

We don't build PaperShip to copy other software, but to provide to Zotero/Mendeley users a different way to manage their bibliography.

Some users do prefer a simpler tool with great UI, focussed on key features: it is the idea we have in mind while working on our app.

Some other users (probably like you) are advanced users, they need advanced features and great softwares like Zotero, ZotPad and Mendeley are perfect for them.

But +3M of scientists use Mendeley, with only one note per document.

It works well for them, and we do believe it's better than several notes per document.

So you're entirely right, if you do prefer ZotPad cause multiple notes are absolutely required for you, just go on using it and support its developer. There is enough scientists with different needs to build several iPad apps, each one more or less fitting specific user need.

Actually, ZotPad already has this feature! You can access all of your notes, and it works really well for me with Box. Hooray!

I wish one of the PaperShip developers would have answered my question (posted above months ago) about how PaperShip determines which note to display. There might have been a way to work with it, but not without at least understanding how to manage the available tools. I do understand the challenges of working with limited resources and that seemingly simple features can be actually complicated to implement. But I don't know why you would argue that this feature is not important to users who have just logged in to let you know that it is, or imply that ZotPad doesn't have that feature. I would respectfully suggest that a different fundraising tactic might be more fruitful.

-very happy ZotPad user

Thanks Julian. We certainly appreciate the work you've done on this. I would definitely be willing to pay more for an app that incorporated this feature. 

Yes, I understand, but Zotero does not develop its own iOS app.

And ZotPad is not maintained since months, the last update was even more than a year ago.

So if you *really* want this feature, the only option would be to see it in PaperShip.

As most of Zotero users don't manage multiple notes, it's not a core feature for us right now.

Is it really important for you?

If yes, just help us to find grants to develop this feature for a small group of users.

If you can't do that, it's probably not so important for you.

Just remember Zotero got millions of dollars to develop its platform, we didn't get nothing.

And the PaperShip app helps Zotero to compete with other reference managers, no?

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